Posted by: divetravelspecialist | August 30, 2016

Diving the New “Lady Luck” Artificial Reef


The “Lady Luck” is the newest artificial reef in the Pompano Beach area.  Formally known as the “Newtown Creek”, this 324′ vessel was intentionally sunk on July 23 2016, to become a haven for marine life and divers 1-1/2 miles from the shore.  She is part of the “Shipwreck Park” dive site, with as many as 16 other wrecks nearby.  This ship was built in 1967 as a tanker, and had a storied life.  She was decommissioned in 2014, and bought by Ship Wreck Park Foundation of Pompano Beach in 2016.  The purchase and clean-up was made possible by donations from the City of Pompano Beach, and Isle Casino Racing, so she was renamed “Lady Luck.”  A local artist, Dennis MacDonald, was commissioned to create casino theme displays throughout the deck of the ship.  Right now, the wreck is brand new, and minimal marine life has grown on it yet, so these displays are fun and photographic.

A group of us, “Aqua Escapes” were lucky enough to dive the Lady Luck on August 7th, with Scubatyme Dive Charters.  We booked this trip in advance and hoped for good conditions for dive day.  Come Sunday morning, our Divemaster, Doug, braced us for the possibility of a “Plan B.”  Apparently, he and many of the local dive professionals in the area, have been unable to dive the Lady Luck since it went down, due to bad currents and rough seas.  He briefed us to not get our hopes up.  Our boat left the dock, went out the cut, into the open ocean and our seas were flat calm.  We were the first commercial boat at the Lady Luck,  and we didn’t see much of a surface current.  We all suited up, and waited as Doug dove in first to set the dive ball.  We waited for him to return.  We waited.  We continued to wait, all suited up, ready to go.  Some of us thought maybe Doug was having a problem, and were concerned.  Some of us figured he was finally diving this wreck and enjoying it!   Doug returned back to our boat all smiles – there was minimal current on the wreck!  Let’s Dive – Dive – Dive

You’ll see in the video that the bright white of the Lady Luck becomes quite visible just a few feet below the surface.  She sits upright and is quite accessible.  While there is not much growth on it yet, a Manta Ray was at the bow and gave divers a great show!  (I was at the stern and didn’t see it, but it was caught on another diver’s video!).  Many schooling fish are hanging about too.

I personally love to dive wrecks shortly after they are set to rest. Then I like to go back annually (hopefully) and compare how they’re progressing along on the sea floor.  This was a fun dive, and definitely on the agenda for a return!


More information:  Shipwreck Park Pompano

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