Posted by: divetravelspecialist | June 20, 2016

West Palm Beach Diving June 2016

Diving with friends – what can be better?  We had calm seas, sunny skies and cooperative currents June 18 & 19 2016.  Vis was less than the usual 50+ feet, and the temperature was surprisingly cold for June!  Mid-70s on the bottom!  But we put layers on and went diving!  Hint:  a hoodie makes a world of a difference!

The first day was the usual northbound current for “Flower Garden” and “7 Windows” dive sites.  These sites offer plenty of schooling fish, and numerous turtles.  The loggerheads were larger than me!  Sunday had an unusual southbound current for diving on Larsen’s Valley and Nunn’s Reef.  The current wasn’t strong, but the Gulf Stream rarely reverses.  Most be something about the full moon and the summer solstice!  Enjoy my little video with turtles, angels, eels & more!


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