Posted by: divetravelspecialist | March 18, 2012

Beqa Lagoon Resort & Spa – March 2012

Shark Dive!


After a wonderful week of diving at Beqa Lagoon, we added their famous “shark dive” on the last day. We don’t normally do “shark dives” (I call them “rodeos”) as I prefer to see sharks normally on dives and often do. But my clients say this is a “must do.”

It is very organized and not intimidating. They even lay concrete pavers on the bottom to keep prevent the bottom from stirring up too much. The area is roped off and diving stay behind the rope. They bring down huge bucket of chum, and feed the sharks individually. All is done very well and in full control.

We had the joy of numerous nurse, sand sharks and lemon sharks. We were hoping for Bull Sharks, and not only did they come, but a Tiger Shark came too! Actually, it was funny, the other sharks disappeared, we didn’t know why, then in came this Tiger Shark! An amazing site! Watch and Enjoy!

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  1. Unable to see the video : (

    • Click on the wording “Fiji Shark Dive” on top. Don’t click on the arrow. You have to watch it at YouTube.

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