Posted by: divetravelspecialist | November 9, 2010

Turks and Caicos Potcakes!

In July 2009, my husband and I took a quick trip to the Turks & Caicos to do a little diving.

The Sands at Grace Bay were having their 10th anniversary, and all their rooms were greatly discounted.   This is a wonderful beachfront property in Providenciales a/k/a Provo.   We had an ocean view 1-bedroom suite with all the comforts of home:  large full kitchen, living room, dining room, and balcony overlooking the beach.

Sands at Grace Bay 1bdrm condo

After a wonderful week of diving, and exploring the island, it ended with us taking home a very unusual “souvenir” – a Potcake!

When you visit the islands, you notice numerous stray dogs running around. These dogs have been roaming the islands for decades, and have become affectionately known as “potcakes.” They get their name by how they cozy up to people, who toss them their leftover food in the pots.  There is a group of volunteers in Provo who take in these strays, nourish them to good health, and try to get them adopted out to loving families.

After a day of diving, my husband took a nap, and I was watching the TV. It was a local station showing all the sights and activities of the island. Along with restaurants and shops, they mentioned the “Potcake Place.” It was a wonderful program about these rescued puppies. When John woke from his nap, I surprised him with an appointment at Jane’s house to see a puppy! John had been researching getting a dog – comparing breeds and behavior. Of course, he was only gonna’ get a pure breed, and would not consider a “mix.”   This research has been going on for over a year now.

When we went to the house and met all the adorable puppies, it was love at first sight.  We chose “Turk” because he was already twice the size of his brother, now 17 lbs.  The Potcake Place volunteers will make reservations for vacationers to take the puppies back on the plane with them, but the dogs must weigh less than 20lbs. Jane made sure Turk got all his shots and health certificate, and the next day we met at the airport and took our new puppy home.

Turk is a full-bred Potcake, and a very loving and loyal dog.

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  1. Love the potcake video you put together.

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